Was Breonna Taylor A Criminal? Four Cops Charged And Aunt Arrested As Suspect After Her Death


On March 13, 2020, a gunshot killed Louisville, Kentucky resident Breonna Taylor, age 26.
Four regulation enforcement officers—current and former—are accused of killing her.
Four Louisville, Kentucky, regulation enforcement officers had been charged federally larger than two years after the homicide.

Breonna Taylor was brutally shot by Louisville, Kentucky, police after they carried out a late-night raid on her residence. The prosecution claims that officers lied to amass a search warrant for Ms. Taylor’s residence.

While Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, who was contained within the flat, claims he didn’t hear any announcement and mistook the police for intruders and fired a warning shot at them, the police maintain that they declared their entry.

Breonna Taylor

Who Was Breonna Taylor? Victim’s Criminal Records

Breonna Taylor, an emergency room worker on the University of Louisville Health in Louisville, Kentucky, was 26 years outdated. She didn’t interact in any illegal conduct and has no prior convictions.

She beforehand held a spot as an emergency medical technician, or EMT, sooner than enrolling at Louisville Health University.

The LMPD investigation focused completely on Jamarcus Glover and Adrian Walker as a result of it was believed that that they had been working a close-by drug house as a provide of drug product sales. After a two-year on-off romance with Glover that started in 2016, Taylor has been seeing Kenneth Walker since February 2020.

Glover had used Taylor’s deal with and cellphone amount for a variety of points, along with monetary establishment statements. Glover, Taylor’s boyfriend, alleged that Taylor had been coping with his funds in fairly a number of audio recordings of their in-jail conversations.

The LMPD issued a warrant to look Taylor’s residence on account of many leads tracing Taylor and potential involvement throughout the sale of medicine and completely different illegal substances. The search warrant states unequivocally that Glover left Taylor’s home in January 2020 with an unidentified bundle that was allegedly stuffed with medicine and shortly transported it to a well-known drug house.

Four Cops And Aunt Arrested In Charge of Breonna Taylor’s Murder

Four US regulation enforcement officers have been apprehended and charged in reference to the capturing murder of Breonna Taylor.

Taylor was shot and killed by LMPD police on March 13, 2020, as soon as that they had been executing a “no-knock” search warrant inside her Louisville, Kentucky, residence. When cops broke into the house shortly after midnight and shot the 26-year-old hospital staffer, she was collectively along with her lover, Kenneth Walker.

More than two years after Breonna Taylor was killed by police all through a late-night raid on her residence in Louisville, Kentucky, a sequence of federal indictments had been launched in direction of 4 regulation enforcement officers involved throughout the operation, sparking widespread racial justice protests.

When part of the ten rounds that Brett Hankinson fired all through the raid entered the home of Ms. Taylor’s neighbours, a jury found him not accountable of endangering them. The Department of Justice has launched costs in direction of three completely different officers: Kyle Meany, Kelly Hanna Goodlett, and Joshua Jaynes. According to Louisville police, Mr. Meany and Ms. Goodlett are allegedly being terminated.

What Happened To Breonna Taylor?

A Louisville police officer in plainclothes knocked on Taylor’s door on March 13, 2020, shortly after midnight sooner than deploying a battering ram.

Her boyfriend armed himself after knocking on the door and getting no response. While that they had been every contained within the flat, Walker fired the shot at what he thought to be intruders.

Walker’s gunshot wounded Mattingly throughout the leg, prompting the cops to retaliate. Walker escaped unharmed, nonetheless Taylor, who was standing behind Walker, was killed by six gunshot wounds.

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