Fact Check: Did Amber Heard stab James Franco? Pineapple Express fork scene revisited


Online rumors have circulated regarding Amber Heard stabbing James Franco throughout the movie Pineapple Express. On social media, quite a few people argued that the scene whereby the 36-year-old actress stabbed Franco with a fork wasn’t staged.

This is untrue, though. Heard was instructed to portray Franco being stabbed with a fork, in response to the movie’s script, which has been made public.

Pineapple Express, a 2008 film directed by David Gordon Green, services on Dale Denton, a murder witness carried out by Seth Rogen. The film portrays the protagonist’s excessive dread and state of panic, which are launched on by his heavy marijuana use. To escape the murderer, James Franco’s character Saul, a heroin vendor, hooks up with Dale Denton.

Dale Denton’s highschool girlfriend Angie Anderson was portrayed throughout the film by Amber Heard.

James Franco’s character Saul is stabbed with a fork in a scene from the movie that’s at current going viral. It is possible to watch every performers screaming in terror.

Amber Heard

The Pineapple Express script proves that Amber Heard didn’t actually stab James Franco

Following her defamation trial in opposition to her ex-husband and actor Johnny Depp, rumors of Amber Heard stabbing her fellow actor and ex-boyfriend James Franco circulated on-line. Online harassment of the actress has been ongoing from ardent Pirates of the Caribbean followers. While supporting Depp, on-line prospects have accused Amber Heard of abusing her husband.

In a 2018 op-ed for The Washington Post, the actress accused Johnny Depp of residence abuse. However, as quickly as proof was launched in courtroom displaying Heard lifting her hand in opposition to Depp, many on-line prospects accused her of being the abuser.

Since then, many people have questioned whether or not or not the actress has moreover been aggressive at work. Heard stabbing Franco throughout the neck was not choreographed, claimed Reddit individual “u/edgarcia59” on the platform.

This wasn’t the case, though. In actuality, the 44-year-old was not stabbed by the actress. According to the movie’s script, which was posted on IMSDb, Saul, carried out by Franco, was meant to be stabbed with a fork by Heard’s character Angie Anderson.

Since the slander trial started, the actress has been demonized on social media. Online, quite a few TikTookay films have mocked the actress’ testimony in courtroom; basically essentially the most well-known meme is the “my dog trod on a bee” craze.

Heard talked about the online animosity with Savannah Guthrie in an distinctive NBC interview, saying:

Heard was not too way back seen grocery shopping for in Southampton after the well-reported trial bought right here to an end. This bought right here after her journey to the discount division retailer TJ Maxx, which garnered worldwide consideration.

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