Cassandra Feuerstein: Injury Details, Photos & Officer Arrest Details


In 2013, Cassandra Feuerstein was taken into custody by the police. She was accused of consuming and driving.

In a lawsuit in opposition to the Skokie Police Department, Feuerstein, who was imprisoned, had been named. She alleges that the police authorities violated her civil rights.

Cassandra Feuerstein

Cassandra Feuerstein: Who Is She? Wikipedia for her

Chicago native Cassandra Feuerstein is 57 years earlier. Illinois.

The Skokie Police Department had beforehand apprehended and imprisoned the woman for driving whereas intoxicated. After being arrested for DUI, she subsequently alleged that she was assaulted whereas in detention.

Feuerstein was taken to the jail after swerving off to the side of the freeway and passing out behind the wheel.

Cassandra Feuerstein’s whereabouts are unknown as of 2022. However, images of her accidents proceed to stream into on-line.

Internet searches for photographs of Cassandra Feuerstein’s accidents

Following her lawsuit, Cassandra Feuerstein’s injury images have been made public on-line.

Her correct face is completely swollen following the injury, as seen inside the images. She had a severe decrease on her face, a broken facial bone, and some missing tooth.

She reportedly had nerve damage and needed facial reconstruction surgical process due to the incident. She has expert eyesight and dental factors as a result of the injury, in step with the medical report.

Feuerstein conversing with an officer may also be seen on surveillance footage. She is seen requesting that the police identify her husband and children.

After being stopped by officer Michael Hart, Cassandra Feuerstein hits her head and face on the concrete bench.
After being stopped by officer Michael Hart, Cassandra Feuerstein hits her head and face on the concrete bench. (Dailymail, provide)
Officer Michael Hart could also be seen stopping Feuerstein from returning to the cell a short while later after calling her out of the bars. She then strikes a bench product of cement face first. The remaining portion of the video reveals her being assisted by two officers whereas she lay bleeding on the underside.

Facebook has taken down the surveillance video of Feuerstein’s arrest. We can nonetheless uncover among the many threads regarding the incident on Twitter, though.

Cassandra Feuerstein Case: Was Michael Hart, a police officer, detained for assault

Judge Matt Coghlan gave Officer Michael Hart a two-year probationary interval. Then it was decided to hold him on a $75,000 bond.

In relation to an event that was purportedly caught on digital digicam, he was accused of shoving a woman and of committing felonies. Hart resigned from the Skokie Police Department, the place he had labored for higher than 19 years, as rapidly as a result of the village made the announcement that he might be let go.

The Chicago suburb moreover gave Cassandra and her family about $875,000.

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